High School Orientations

Wednesday, August 10th (10th & 11th Grade)
Thursday, August 11th (9th & 12th Grade)
Middle School Gymnasium
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


Ronnie Smith-Murray Blood Drive
August 12th, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Middle School Gymnasium


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Our Mission

 Little Axe High School’s mission is to provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe supportive environment; Empowering, Motivating, Educating.

"Committed to Excellence" 

Our Goals

Promote school spirit through PRIDE program:  An initiative was started last year to recognize and reward positive students.  Personal Responsibility Involves Daily Effort.  We have increased our focus on its positive spirit for students and currently clubs are donating items like a free subs, tacos and spirit gear.  The Axe Pack Spirit group has donated t-shirts and we are currently seeking any donations as well as corporate sponsor-ships.

Provide a safe and caring environment: LAHS is a place where students and adults know that people care about them.  We are working with Little Axe Health Center to provide awareness and promote positive and healthy living practices by encouraging them to participating in this year’s “Zombie Run” and to be a part of their Little Axe Youth Coalition.

Increase Student Attendance:  Making the High School a safe and encouraging place to be is at the center of increasing student attendance.  Students are being recognized for perfect attendance and incentives are being donated through work from staff and The Little Axe Foundation to promote student attendance.  Making parents aware of how important their student's attendance is linked to their success 

Increase Student Cohort Graduation Rates:  Keeping students in school for all four years and receiving a high school diploma is what we are all about.  Making Little Axe the place to be, providing a quality education and endearing our Alumni to be involved in tradition of excellence are part of the positive approaches we will be taking to both get and keep our kids until they graduate.

Increase Literacy across campus: (Common Practices involving proven methods to increase student performance are the key; Morphemes “root words”, Cornell note taking, common curriculum for all Freshman students in Academic Commitment to Excellence classes, Differentiated instruction, and becoming a Purposefully Learning Community will increase Literacy and Rigor).

Increase Rigor across campus:  By providing Relevant and Consistent Professional Development for Teachers and Staff with tools like Mastery Connect we are providing all staff with the ability to quickly identify standards that students have or need to master.  By having a focused approach that centers on “power standards” and objectives that are vital building blocks for students those areas that are the foundations of a solid education will ensure that all our students are getting the instruction they need to be successful not just on tests but in their lives.  Making this easier for teachers to identify areas were individual students struggle so that they can focus on that students needs will be a giant factor in increasing student performance.

Retain and Recruit quality educators: Recognizing people for a job well done and reminding them that they are appreciated for all they do. Being part of something they know they can be proud of.  A place that is fair and consistent that genuinely cares about staff, students, and the community is the place all professionals want to be.  Providing a place where they can be professionals who are respected for the work they do is what we are.

Increase Student Performance on EOI and ACT exams:  Providing a free ACT exam to all students prior to graduation is crucial (This is currently provide by the Gear UP grant, however the push at the state level to make ACT our state high school test is not going away.  It is our intention to embrace our students taking ACT’s and promoting the benefits that come with performing well on it.)  Helping students find their path through what they know and who they want to become is our focus. Molding strong character in our students as they prepare for the next steps in their lives is the journey we are all on together for four years.  A little love, a lot of hard work and the consistent expectation that our kids can do anything they put their minds too, that's what we're all about at Little Axe High School.  

Latest News!

Clean Up Our Axe II date confirmed!
April 9th from 9 am-Noon

The first fall work bee was a huge success. Now that spring is right around the corner we will be host another "Clean Up Our Axe" day working with OU students as part of "The Big Event" we will be working hard here at the Axe on April 9th  Stop by and be a part of our Spring Clean Up.  If you would like to make a donation or volunteer please contact Mr. Thomas at the High School Principal's office. 329-1612

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 No Tobacco 24/7 Site  Little Axe Public Schools is a Tobacco-Free 24/7 campus.
  August 2016  
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